How Faith in God Plays A Role In Recovery From Addiction

But even in his committed homosexual civil union, Phillip didn’t find the love he had been searching for. Stuart Topp wanted to be the best, so he worked hard, but that never brought peace until an accident forced him to slow down. Television news anchor battles depression and alcoholism in secret for decades before finally disappearing from the airwaves, barely clinging to life. The gang life leads to prison where Tommie meets his redeemer.

  • But even in his committed homosexual civil union, Phillip didn’t find the love he had been searching for.
  • This helps to keep them honest with themselves and others for their own personal actions and accountability.
  • Phyllis suffered from debilitating bone spurs in her shoulder, but a 700 Club prayer paved the way for God to work a miracle.
  • Shay turned to a life on the streets to escape her abusive uncle.
  • Biker Billy Rivers rode the motorcycle gang lifestyle all the way to prison.

I sponsor other women who are newer to recovery than me. To stay spiritual fit, I observe a regular morning time of prayer, meditation, and reflection. I’ve found that sitting still is important, too—if for no other reason than to be intentional about feeling my feelings.

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From the back of the ambulance, Brian’s deathbed conversion became a new lease on life. Tony Aruta’s life’s purpose used to be to get a buzz, even if it meant robbing someone to get it.

Prism #259: Reclaim your dietary dignity, Part III • The Greylock Glass –

Prism #259: Reclaim your dietary dignity, Part III • The Greylock Glass.

Posted: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 16:50:12 GMT [source]

This Ukrainian woman lived in pain for almost four decades without any hope of help. Terry Meeuwsen gave a word of knowledge for someone with celiac disease.

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Santos’ first break into music came early, when the jazz band he played in landed a gig at Carnegie Hall. Yet, the fame was not enough to satisfy — Santos got hooked on drugs.

sober christian success stories

A Bible and a trip to jail helped Jim re-think his life and call out to God for change. When Grayson was left with multiple fractures and sober success stories traumatic brain injury after an accident, doctors expected him to die. His family and friends agreed in prayer that he would live.

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As the son of a preacher, Craig grew up knowing what it meant to be a Christian. A rebellious heart led him down the path to addiction. Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Ashley Cleveland shares her story of surrendering to Christ and deliverance from addiction. Jim kept his substance abuse going in the face of death until a night on the frigid streets sobered him up. As a child, Eddie Bradley was molested by a babysitter. To deal with the pain, he turned to drugs and his life only became more difficult.

  • Certainly, its benefits can’t be tabulated by science.
  • Double pneumonia puts Yvonne on life support and in a medically induced coma for six weeks.
  • Plus, just imagine how hard it would be for me now to try to convince anyone that I’m not really an alcoholic?!
  • No one thought Bridget Coates would amount to anything.

But beyond the pain and the shame, he found a Love who could truly redeem him. Raymond had a promising future as an aspiring baseball player, until he dropped out of school to feed his drug addictions, which pushed him towards suicide. A lifestyle of hiding pain with drugs and alcohol comes to an end after Janice attends a Bible study. He was an abused child who escaped by taking drugs. Once Bill gave his life to God, he became a model husband and wrote Christian songs for a band. Business losses left Erik despondent and drinking his sorrows away. This infuriated his wife Mary and she gave him a choice; booze or their marriage.

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Dionne Arceneaux of Mesa, Arizona, faced this reality head on. By Holly’s winner smile and cheerful disposition, you’d never know that this Regent University student was once homeless and addicted to alcohol. In the shadow of a special needs sibling, Lee was able to cultivate an affinity for drugs that would plague him for years.

sober christian success stories

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